Are you a single father with an inspiring story to tell? We want to hear it!

"Everyone has a story to tell. Now is your time to tell it."

Jill Zambon, Ed.D., MBA, PMP/ CEO & Founder of Zambon Consulting


Q: How much will I need to write?

A: Between 1500-2500 is the ideal sweet spot. This equates to about 4-6 pages on a double-spaced word document. You will also get a bio with a photo of yourself at the start of your chapter, so it will be like your own book within the book.

Q: What rights do I have to my chapter?

A: You have full rights to your chapter. So you can take this chapter and publish it in other books. You can use it in your own book. You can use it as a sample to present to another publishing company.

Q: Is there a contract for me to sign?

A: Yes, there is a contract that will provide the details of the engagement, and what you can expect from me, and what I expect from you.

Q: How much money will I make/ what's the ROI?

A: This is really up to how well you build your brand and business off this book. YOU WILL NOT BECOME A MILLIONAIRE OVERNIGHT BY SELLING THIS BOOK. You will have residual sales from the book, but the book is really for people who want to use it as a marketing, credibility, or brand building tool.

Q: What do I get paid for royalties?

A: You get 35% royalties through an Amazon affiliate account. You are also able to set up a direct sale of the book through your own website, but you would be responsible for fulfilling those orders on your own, and you would have to order those books (in bulk) in order to stock the inventory. The main way to make money is by using this book as a marketing tool, to set yourself apart from competitors, and show your brand trust and credibility.

Q: Who is the publisher?

A: I am happy to provide this information in private, but this is something I consider a competitive advantage and therefore do not publicize this information currently. You will have direct access to the publisher for the duration of the project.

Q: How many other authors will there be?

A: It depends on how many sign up. We will recruit for a period of time, with a certain goal in mind, but we want to make sure the book publishes on time and therefore it is not REQUIRED to meet that number of authors.

Q: Do I get royalties?

A: Yes, you will get 35% royalties through an Amazon affiliate account. Additionally, you can buy the books at wholesale cost, and sell through your own website for a profit. You will be responsible for managing, fulfilling, and shipping any of the books you want to sell through your own website.

Q: I've never written before, will you help me?

A: Yes, I will. You'll be provided with brainstorming exercises, writing prompts and guides, and my direct feedback. I do want to make sure that the story is in your voice and through your eyes, so I don't want to put a ton of my feedback into your work. This should be something you are proud of and that shows your personal vision and mission!

Q: What are the first steps if I decide to sign up?

A: You and I will have an onboarding session, where I walk you through the direct next steps. From there, you can start your writing!

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